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About Us - Symphonic Soul

We design thoughtful digital experiences based on your customers, your business goals, and your current marketing resources


Symphonic Soul is a creative agency operating for over 15 years helping a broad spectrum of industries creating solutions through innovation and collaboration. Symphonic Soul specializes in developing innovative software and media solutions to help improve marketing, operations, as well as entertainment. Beyond software development and design, Symphonic Soul specialize in creating custom social apps, networks, geo-solutions, and analytics aimed to provide instant insight, and targeted action.

Josh Gallegos | Owner, Software Developer, Designer & Educator

Software designer, developer, consultant, and educator for over 15 years as owner of Symphonic Soul Web Design. Over 10 years development of personal proprietary technologies focused on digital interactive educational solutions. Co-owner of several tech companies developed over the past 3 years utilizing proprietary technologies. Creating solutions across America, Josh is also a lifetime artist, recently developing his business in the Denver, CO area, and always looking to connect to digital inventors that touch all walks of science, arts and education.  

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Professional | https://www.linkedin.com/in/josh-gallegos-9121b09/ | Fine Art | http://instagram.com/joshgallegosfineart/

Brian Vogt | VFX Artist, 3D Digital and Printing Solutions & IoT Designer

Based in Los Angeles, with over 12+ years of experience as a VFX Artist, I have worked on top Hollywood shows with some of the most talented digital artists in the industry.  Through CBS Digital Studios, I have worked with all the major studios, including 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios, ABC, NBC, CBS Films, Sony, Paramount, HBO and Disney. 

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Adam Gallegos |Software Developer, Data Analytics

Highly motivated software developer and data analysis professional with a diverse educational and professional background. Over a dedicated career since 2007, I’ve supported numerous development projects in the private sector as well as Department of Energy facilities including Savannah River National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Labroatory an Los Alamos National Laboratory. 

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adam-gallegos-b7251aaa

ASC Website: http://www.ascdigitalservices.com/

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