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Education, Communication, & Training Tools - Symphonic Soul
Ideas / Concept

Education, Communication, & Training Tools

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How do you replicate the best parts of your organization? Provide easier access to the education of your current employees, business resources, and frequently asked questions! There are many tools that can help build a virtual, searchable knowledge base of training materials, course material, Q and A systems, as well as create online classrooms.

Create an interactive educational backbone to help move your organization forward- now and for the future. Symphonic Soul not only can get you in the loop of customizable educational tools, we specialize in creating custom solutions to improve how you operate, market, and re-invent the way you do business.

Share Education | Smarter, Not Harder Marketing

Bob King of the Santa Fe Guiding Company utilizes “MapBullet”, a platform developed by Symphonic Soul to create annotated maps that can be shared, collected, and embedded into any website. Not only is it easy for Bob to add exciting expert tips, stories, and descriptions of some of his favorite spots, Bob exchanges some free knowledge to create a viral tool that anyone can use, thus increasing his businesses exposure exponentially at a fraction of the cost of other marketing initiatives such as SEO or paid advertising aimed to reach new potential customers online. View the Sample Map of Wi-Fi  Spots in Santa Fe, NM | Click Here


Creating an Educational Platform | Smarter, Not Harder Operations

Operating more efficiently is not only about identifying solutions for bottlenecks, but also about finding bottlenecks as well as preventing them in the future. Some of these items include: 

Have a Cost Effective Training Program In Place That Harnesses Your Most Valuable Employees Knowledge and Techniques: Not only is it important to have a strong training program, some times it is hard to have some of your strongest employees both working for your company as well as training other staff how they perform better than the rest. Today, there are affordable tools that make it easy for your employees to share knowledge that is cataloged to help train future generations at any time, any place. Symphonic Soul can help pair your organization with software that can help create and organize your educational media and content into an filterable database.

Example Software: Create Your Own Classroom | eLearning Media Production

Take the Amount of Time Wasted Keeping People on the Same Page Seriously. Custom Social Networks Could Be the Answer: This isn’t necessarily an endorsement to attempt to be the next Facebook-like social media hub for your industry, don’t discount the idea! When we are talking about social networks in terms of operations, many companies spend a ton of time sending emails, linking others into confusing email chains.  Imagine a private social network tailored to your company to eliminate confusion of online group conversations, retain a record of communications, and content to better understand day-to-day operations.  Beyond creating a better way to collaborate virtually, a customizable social network creates a more streamline way to share and refer products, services, conversations, group activity, and events.

Example Software: Create Your Own Social Network

Q: “Sounds Expensive and Complicated. Is it?”  

A: No, in fact, there are many ways this can not only ben an investment that saves money, but also makes money.  General costs of a customizable social networking software is below $300 because a lot of the initial software that can help is pre-built. Symphonic Soul can help customize the software in order to provide the biggest impact for your business.

When it comes to your software idea, we can help demonstrate a path on how to go about making your vision a reality. We start by evaluating your idea, surveying your goals, and accounting for your current resources needed to build your personal formula to success.

We can provide referrals for many resources as well as outline goals to help develop your vision. Any stage of the project, we can help. please get in touch with us today to learn more, click here.   

Symphonic Soul can provide a quick answer when it comes to software that can provide a leap in the right direction.”

Josh Gallegos | CEO

Take Any Photo to the Next Level

Educational Annotated Images 

We can create mobile friendly, interactive photos to educate in a whole new visual way.  Create scrollable scavenger hunts, quizzes, training tools and more!

Click Here



Take Any 360 Photo to the Next Level

360 Photo Scavenger Hunt

Need a mobile friendly 360 degree version? We can customize any 360 photo experience.

Version 1 (Click Once)

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Version 2 (Click, View Pop-up 1st)

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