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Some of the cutting edge technologies being meshed these days shaking up the business world are strikingly similar to new frontiers currently being pushed in the interactive art world. Internet-of-Things (IoT) , AR, VR, and interactive sound and projection are not only capturing the imagination of schools and businesses creating new immersive experiences, the web is about to join the party on a whole new level, and we are here to make sure it happens!


When you think of two growing types of businesses:

  1. Attractions that focus on providing a mind blowing immersive experience such as Meow Wolf
  2. Places to create and invent such as maker-spaces such as The Lab Denver

What they have in common are the technologies being used. A combination of software to every day objects and electronics to both push invention, as well as experience. Symphonic Soul has been developing some exciting integrations when it comes to linking the web to the mix, developing unique interactive light shows that can be manipulated at the show, from your phone, or a computer in your home! These are exactly the type of ideas being developed by collaborations between Symphonic Soul and Denver University where currently master students are learning the cutting edge in this new group of technologies.  Combining the world wide web, Symphonic Soul is working towards creating a new dimension of access to interactive art. While immersive art experiences are relatively new, attractions focused on immersive experiences are only in a handful of cities. We hope to give those with little access a taste of interactive art.

Imagine how endlessly collaborative a creation of art could be?”

Josh Gallegos | CEO


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