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Art & Design: A Little Old, a Little New…

While there are always new design we are called up to create, this is also an area to reflect on the other side of the spectrum of art, the classics.  Here’s some of our latest creations! On the new side, an award-winning home builders large booklet for million dollar buyers, and on the old side, some mixed media art on canvas- working with inkjet transfers.


Zachary & Sons | Company Portfolio Booklet

This was a great design project working with our oldest clients of over 12 years, Zachary & Sons. While needing some media to pass on to hot-leads interested in building a high-end custom homes in Santa Fe, NM.  The goal was to create a large, attractive book that a high-end client would feel like they would fall into the pictures, and essentially, fall in love with his award winning product.   The contents of the book describes the formula to success when it comes to building the perfect home for you.

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Print Making Experiments | Mother’s Day

While you can check out my past art here on my Facebook at,  here is where you will see some of the latest art experiments. Can you see the skull made out of faces?:

Art Links | Josh Gallegos

Here are some slideshows of some of my more popular categories of 2D art.

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Personal Favorites:




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