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Software to Market & Operate Smarter, Not Harder - Symphonic Soul
Ideas / Concept

Software to Market & Operate Smarter, Not Harder

Marketing Smarter, Not Harder

When it comes to marketing smarter, not harder a few strategies can always be improved: 

Make Sure Your Marketing Efforts Are Traceable: This is all about accountability. Being able to understand how your customers are finding you is important in telling you how to focus your efforts. Almost just as important is understanding accurately how important this – what are the numbers! By understanding the numbers of how many people are being effected by each marketing campaign and why will help you budget the right amount of money for your marketing efforts the next time around. With less money wasted on overspending on what isn’t working,  under-spending on what does work, there is less opportunity missed working within your current budget.

Use Tools to Help You  Crunch the Numbers:  To better understand your customer the first thing that comes to mind is surveying your target markets- what do they like, want, and will want? While one can gain some information by looking at basic website statistics, email interactions, and online surveys, many companies hope to strike the right balance in providing an effective personalized experience for their customers without coming off as annoying or creepy.

One of the ways  experts attempt to bridge this gap is by providing an incentive to gain a survey for critical insight into purchasing habits of their target market.  How you incentivize your target market is the opportunity.  Compare how a company who might sell a new brand of wine who spends their money giving a wine tasting in order to advertise and survey to their target market. The information may seem limited to a local, one-day event, where many of the information comes from a few professionals hosting the event, and possibly a quick note by a limited amount of guest.  This could be a heavy price tag to routinely execute and gather to gain enough of a fan base in a short amount of time. There are other companies who are taking a different approach- create a wine match making app that will pair you with the wine perfect for you! With each interaction, segments of the most important target markets are created for you making personalized messaging one click away.

Here at Symphonic Soul, we have the technology to make these types of ideas affordable for your organization. The idea being you provide expertise to our software, out pops a solution for your customers that will excite, educate, and survey.  You may ask yourself,

Q: “What if I Don’t Have Enough Product or Services to Create a Match-Making App?” .  

A: If you imagine the goals of the example, surveying and advertising to your target market, then you understand that direct sales of your product was only a slice of the pie. You could accomplish the same goals at a cheaper price even if you advertised products not sold by your company- providing the added value of surveying possibly what your target market would like you to produce.

Q: “How Can These Apps Help in a Store or For an Event?” .  

A: While the great part of using a web app is the access you give to everyone at any time. Some of the best ways to build your following on the web is by incentivizing customers in-person to connect with you online, right now. Tools such as kiosks and tablets have provided new ways for customers to gain instant savings when they provide information, become fans, sign up for special alerts, as well as share and collect their favorites with their closest connections- providing a new way to gain customer insight both offline as well as online. Symphonic Soul can provide the strategy and the tools best for your organization. More ideas on how to capture the most from your crowd in-store and during events, click here. Check out some of our experiments currently in the interactive art field here.

Operating Smarter, Not Harder

Operating more efficiently is not only about identifying solutions for bottlenecks, but also about finding bottlenecks as well as preventing them in the future. Some of these items include: 

Have a Cost Effective Training Program In Place That Harnesses Your Most Valuable Employees Knowledge and Techniques: Not only is it important to have a strong training program, some times it is hard to have some of your strongest employees both working for your company as well as training other staff. Today, there are pre-built tools that make it easy for your current top employees to create a knowledge base that can help train future generations at any time, any place. Symphonic Soul can help pair your organization with software that can help create and organize your educational media and content into an filterable database accessible by all employees to help them  operate and replicate day-to-day operations at a fraction of the cost. Learn more about educational software we provide here.

Analytics, Dashboards, and Alert Systems: Whether you need insights into your data on demand, or need alerts to operate more smoothly, we can help. Let us guide you on creating the right set of signals to help your company prioritize your efforts both in the way you operate as well as communicate to your customers and staff.

Take the Amount of Time Wasted Keeping People on the Same Page Seriously. Custom Social Networks Could Be the Answer: This isn’t necessarily an endorsement to attempt to be the next Facebook-like social media hub for your industry, don’t discount the idea! When we are talking about social networks in terms of operations,, many companies spend a ton of time sending email, linking others into chains of emails mid-way, as well as complaining about buried emails and disconnection of attachments when information and conversation become intertwined- ah, right when the conversation was getting good!  Imagine an internal, private social network tailored to your company to eliminate confusion of online group conversations, retain a record of communications and content to better understand day-to-day operations,  as well as creating a more streamline way to share and refer products, services, conversations, group activity, and events. This not only saves time and improves communication, but it also provides a much broader ecosystem for idea sharing and collaboration- all of which are tracked to help you find areas of improvement as well as opportunity like never before. Learn more about how software to help communication can have an impact on your business here.

Q: “Sounds Expensive and Complicated. Is it?”  

A: No, in fact, there are many ways this can be not only an investment that saves money instantly, but can also make money instantly.  General costs of simply the foundational software is below a $300 because a lot of the initial software that can help is pre-built. Symphonic Soul can help provide the expertise on how your business can benefit from a customizable social networks, as well as provide solutions  to maximize your opportunity.

While there seems to be an endless amount of new technologies claiming to help your business, who has the time to sift through it all? it seems like you need to be a professional just to evaluate all the solutions, and even more of a challenge is evaluating the short-term and long-term value as it pertains to your organization- some price tags aren’t so intimidating once you know your saving money or earning money in new ways once you make the purchase. Symphonic Soul provides both solutions as well as education to help bridge the gap by helping evaluate technology that will are best fit for your business goals, as well as strategies finding the right workflow to work with your organization. Learn more about our services here, or contact us today

Providing Solutions & Education About Technologies That Can Provide the Most Impact For Your Organization”

Josh Gallegos | CEO

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